Reverse Engineered Customer Acquisition – FA192


Philippine Island Hopping: Blue water boat trip to Bohol

Start At The End To Attract Your Perfect Customer

Every sales funnel training out there follows this path:

They start at the opening of the funnel and talk about getting a bunch of traffic.

But Johan Woods and I have found that started with the end result creates more and better customers. Starting with the end, you can engineer the structure (the steps a prospect has to take to become a customer) of your sales funnel so that it:

Attracts the right […]

Filling The Pipeline – FA191

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light-em-up-lg Light ‘Em Up!

Things have been heating up over at ConsultingFuse — our brand new community for freelancers, consultants, coaches, and done-for-you service providers.

And the number 1 hot topic is getting clients.

Not just getting clients, but getting them fast!

Oh, and not just fast, they have to be great clients to work with and pay well too.

Since Johan and I are teaching how to do that in Fuse, we decided to sit down and record some of the advice so you can use it too.


Noah Kagan Loves Tacos And Teaching Entrepreneurs – FA190


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Tacos Vs Burritos (or Noah and Tim discuss how to succeed as an entrepreneur)

Noah shares how he looks forward about 6 months to see what major trends are catching on and then taking action on one of the trends you can capitalize on.

He also goes after Anomalies of Success — something that was unusually successful for you. You find each one in […]

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