How To Craft A Sales Page For Your Digital Product – FA023

Creating a Sales Page for Your Internet Business Doesn’t Have to be Scary

Sparked by a listener email, Izzy and Tim set off on a Foolish discussion about what makes a good sales page.

  • You’ll learn about techniques from the offline world of direct response marketing that still work today in an online business.
  • New forms of sales pages are discussed such as audio and video sales messages.
  • Tim covers some important elements that were in the Foolish Guide to WordPress sales page he wrote.
  • All this and much more…such as going off on mostly-related tangents, but all filled with Foolish knowledge.

The FTC is mentioned and here is a link to properly using testimonials in your marketing:

Enjoy the show!

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  • Nancy

    Thanks guys! I knew the topic was worth it’s own session! 😉

  • FullWindup

    Izzy and Tim,

    Haven’t yet listened to Episode 23 yet, but have listened to all the others. What a valuable resource you two provide! Thanks for all the information.


  • IzzyVideo

    Thanks so much Phil! We’re just getting started… Wait until you see what
    we have coming early next year! 😉

    (Fingers crossed we’re ready on time!)

    All the best,


  • noodle soup

    Might you give us some samples of what you consider good sales pages or good parts of sales pages? How about critiquing your own, your clients’, or even our sales pages?

  • Cassel

    Related to the sense of “urgency” for a sales page, i would have to say that some people do it too much. One business i can think of, will have such an urgent message on EVERY email. The membership price will go up in 3 days or in one week, just about EVERY email. In the end, that kills the effect when overused!

  • IzzyVideo

    Thanks for the comment, Cassel!

    On an individual basis, that can definitely be true, but when you send an email to a large list of potential buyers, the urgency always helps people make a buying decision. Individually it might not, but with a big group it works.

    It’s part of being human. We want things more when they are going away.

    For example, all of my promotions are time-bound. As I write this, I’m running a 72 hour promotion for new memberships. Yesterday I sent an email letting people know that it was starting and that it only goes for 72 hours (it’s a significant savings if they sign up during the promotion), and tomorrow I’ll send an email that let’s them know it’s the last day of the promotion, so if they want in, they should hurry.

    And that’s it. I know from experience that people tend to procrastinate if there’s no deadline. I’ve tried on-going promotions and they just don’t work as well.

    Anyway, I hope that helps clarify. You’re definitely right that if I overuse it, I can certainly burn out a prospect. I suppose eventually that person will unsubscribe from my email list, but unsubscribes here and there are not a big deal if I’m continually growing my list.

  • Cassel

    Just another quick question after i finished listening to this podcast, concretely, what do you refer to a “sales page”? Are you mostly refering to email ad? landing page on a site? main page of a zencart store? (i guess i wish we had a video for that! ; )

  • Cassel

    I have to admit that if you say the promotion is for 72 hours, but you always leave it for a week, the listeners/viewers will not believe it after a while, so a seller has to be trustworthy in what they say or the urgency will NOT do anything anymore!


  • Bill Griggs

    Great podcast! I have listened to this episode 3 times and have taken notes. Now to put the information into action. Thanks so much.

  • Tim Conley

    Very cool. I’m glad you got a lot of value from it.

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