How To Get Automated Newsletter Income With Matt Paulson – FA092

Your Audience + Newsletter = Automated Income

This is as close to getting passive income as I’ve seen from someone actively running his own business. Oh, I’m not changing my position on earning passive income.

This is a case of Leveraged Income, but boy howdy, it sure is leveraged.

In this episode, you’ll meet Matt Paulson (one smart dude) who created a premium newsletter that he promotes on his financial news sites.

His audience signs up for the newsletter and he gets $10 to $15 per month. Software does all the rest. No writing “epic” content. Or “connecting” on social media. Just delivering a quality product to their inbox each day — automatically.

Hopefully, I got your interest piqued. This episode should get you thinking on how you’re going to create a premium newsletter for your audience and maybe even make it completely automated.

Also, Matt wrote a supplemental post on his site so you can get more information on setting up your own automated newsletter.

Enjoy your Foolish Adventure,

Tim “Semi-Automated” Conley

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  • Matthew Paulson

    Thanks for having me on the show, Tim!

  • Tim Conley

    Matt, It was a pleasure having you on and getting you to share your knowledge with all the Foolish listeners.

  • Rob Cubbon

    Really enjoyed the chat here guys. I think what Matthew is doing is so clever. I don’t know if I can do it in my niches but I’m going to give it lots of thought. Total automation … so clever!

  • Tim Conley

    I really like Matt’s approach to business. He looks to develop systems and automation right from the start. This makes it easy for him to create sellable assets.

  • Dan

    Great stuff here guys. Sounds like Matt’s automated newsletter software would be a cool free standing product!

  • Tim Conley

    I totally agree. I really thought to push Matt on his sources for data and how his software aggregates it, but that would have gotten into some of the secret sauce.

  • Matthew Paulson

    Shhh. The secret sauce will remain a secret. :-)

  • Tim Conley

    Everybody knows that the secret sauce is just thousand island dressing.

  • Matthew Paulson

    Correction, Big Mac sauce is Thousand Island Dressing mixed with Ketchup.

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