Manifesto Marketing: The Power of Declaring Your Story – FA028

Online Marketing Has A New Tool: The Manifesto

man · i · fes · to: a written statement declaring publicly the intentions, motives, or view of its issuer (Merriam-Webster)

In this episode, Izzy and Tim discuss the recent rise in creating a manifesto to drive traffic to your site and increase audience engagement.

This is a powerful new tool in Internet marketing, but also a true way to show your authenticity.

Here is a great example of a manifesto that helped build a large audience: A Brief Guide To World Domination: How to Live a Remarkable Life In a Conventional World.  You can find the pdf download link on that page.

Here is a recent manifesto that helped add several thousand new subscribers: 18 Months, 2 Blogs, Six Figures

Have a listen and then go make your Foolish Declaration!

Izzy and Tim

You can also right-click on this link to save the file to your computer.

  • Randy Cantrell

    I’ve been a big fan of the “Change This” series of manifestos. Good stuff.

  • Charlotte

    I am very inspired by the idea of a manifesto! Writing content does not come easy for me, maybe fear holds me back. An inspiring aspiration for 2011! Thanks for the sharing.

  • Stephanie Medley-Rath

    Great show! I am now working on my manifesto for my blog. I have been learning about how to blog and actually make money with it for over year. I decided to take the plunge and went live with my blog in October. I post Monday through Friday and have accumulated around 45 posts. My question that I have not seen addressed anywhere is about organizing this content. I don’t want to be repetitive by posting commentary on some topic I posted commentary on last month unless it is a different angle or builds on the previous post in some significant way. How do bloggers stay organized? I like to have things in front of me. I like paper copies, but I do not want to be buried in paper by printing out my posts. I also don’t want to be buried in digital files. What are your strategies for keeping your content organized?

  • Pnowak

    First off, great show! I’m loving all of them :-) …very well done!

    One thing I disagreed with though… You mentioned that you prefer the Manifesto (e-book) as a PDF instead of a video because videos “are hard to pass along”… not if you put it on YouTube.

    I can’t remember the last time someone passed along an e-book to me (maybe I have illiterate friends)… but I can remember the last time I had a YouTube video passed along to me… (5 minutes ago: “Evil Hamster Attacks Russians”:

    I think creating a manifesto of some sort could be better in short video format (for certain scenarios)… but then again, an e-book topped with awesome sauce is much more useful than a short 3-minute YouTube video. Although you can also create a very useful YouTube video “How to: [insert awesome sauce here]”


  • Tim Conley

    Good catch. What I meant was doing long form video to encapsulate your entire manifesto. Those videos are huge files. Some people will download them to watch later, others may watch them online, but unfortunately I haven’t seen anyone successfully go viral with them. However, I have seen dozens of successful ebook manifestos in several niches.

    Short form videos are very easy to pass around, but I don’t know if a manifesto could be put into a short video. Hopefully that clarifies why I say an ebook.

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  • Kathryn Scott

    1. Manifesto? Re-Watch Jerry McGuire.

    2. Off topic : we implemented the “declare it” concept during our family meeting this morning & my 7 year old is having a full on fit about having to write a paper & then wait 2 weeks about her desire for the Ikea play kitchen. I’m sure they’ll catch on / meantime it is mildly amusing.

  • tyroneshum

    Hey Tim,

    I was listening to this podcast whilst getting dinner and I wanted to add that the name of the Manifesto you were referring to for Rich’s ebook is called the “Internet Business Manifesto”. It’s one of the best reads and a lot of people don’t realise it’s a long sales copy inside the ebook to lead you to buy one of their products. It’s very smart!

    For anyone interested in getting a copy of it you can download it here:


  • Tim Conley

    Thanks for posting the link. That was an excellent ebook and really does make joining Rich’s coaching sound like a really smart decision.

  • Linda Parriott

    Still catching up on all the podcasts, so here’s a question more than a year later. (I didn’t see a topic on manifestos in the FoolishU forum or I’d have asked it there.) I absolutely love the idea of a manifesto and think it’s an ideal product for the business I’m building. Where does a manifesto fit in the Content Creator Model: 3 Product Approach, Product #1 or Product #2? Guillebeau uses it to get email opt-ins, which is how I’m imagining I’d use a manifesto. But I can also imagine it as a way to attract people to your site. For a site that won’t have much blog/podcast content for a while nor much traffic, what do you recommend? 

  • Tim Conley

    You can use it for either Product #1 (no barrier to getting the manifesto) or Product #2 (opt in). Your choice. You could give it out without an opt in and then later put it behind an opt in form.

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